Christ Methodist Church has ongoing outreach work in Cambodia, Bintan, Thailand, Nepal, India and East Asia. We support full time missionaries working in two countries and make regular trips to all 6 regions, with a desire to help as many struggling individuals as we can using the resources God has blessed us with.

In Cambodia, we are a big sister church to a small rural church 40km southwest of Phnom Penh, in the village of Krang Svey. Four times a year, in March, June, September and December, CMC mission teams pay them a visit to encourage and disciple their young leaders, teach their children, and minister to the sick and poor in the area.

In India, we partner with ICM in their work of training pastors and planting churches in the state of Andrea Pradesh, South India. In addition to giving financial support to their pastors and their children, twice a year we also send teams to minister to the Dalit people in that region. Our pastors conduct leadership and ministry training for the young leaders there, and our teams minister to thousands who seek healing, deliverance and a special touch from God at evening village gatherings.

In Bintan, we organize weekend mission trips (Saturday and Sunday) every 2nd weekend of the month, partnering with YSPK Anugerah orphanage and old folks home in conducting English bible teaching classes for the orphans, prayer ministries for the old folks and home visitations to the locals.

In East Asia, we partner with a mission organization to support and organize various activities such as youth camps, camps for the disabled children and village visitations.

You can support CMC missions work in the following ways:

  • Contribute monetarily to the education funds of needy youth in these countries
  • Join a mission team (trip dates are published in the Sunday Bulletin and our events page)
  • Join the Missions Committee if you are gifted in Big Picture Planning
  • Become a "Country Champion" to help coordinate our efforts in a particular mission field
  • Pray for the ongoing work that we are doing in these countries