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Pulpit Messages

13 August 2017
"Deeper Worship"
Rev. Barnabas Chong

6 August 2017
"Our Giving: Is It A Tribute Or A Tip To God?"
Rev. Vincent Goh


Recent Messages

Family Matters

7 May 2017
Family Matters Part 1
"The Blessing Of Family"
Rev. Shaun Chong


14 May 2017
Family Matters Part 2
"Loving All The Way"
Mr. Rupert Lim


28 May 2017
Family Matters Part 3
"Praying As A Family Matters"
Rev. Vincent Goh


4 June 2017
Family Matters Part 4
"Parenting Matters"
Rev. Shaun Chong


11 June 2017
Family Matters Part 5
"Family Relationships Matters"
Rev. Edmund de Souza

18 June 2017
Family Matters Part 6
"Spiritual Legacy"
Rev. Vincent Goh

25 June 2017
Family Matters Part 7
"How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?"
Rev. Barnabas Chong

The Empowered Life

9 April 2017
Palm Sunday
Part 1
"The Power Of Obedience"
Rev. Shaun Chong

13 April 2017
Maundy Thursday
Part 2
"The Power Of Prevailing Prayer"
Rev. Edmund de Souza

14 April 2017
Good Friday
Part 3
"The Power Of The Cross"
Rev. Edmund de Souza

16 April 2017
Easter Sunday
Part 4
"The Power To Live Beyond Mediocrity"
Rev. Barnabas Chong

A Very Present Help

5 February 2017
Part 1
"Getting Ready"
Rev. Edmund de Souza


12 February 2017
Part 2
"The Establishment Of The Church"
Rev. Barnabas Chong


19 February 2017
Part 3
"Fear God"
Rev. Vincent Goh


26 February 2017
Part 4
"Like Jesus"
Rev. Shaun Chong


5 March 2017
Part 5
"Rising Up"
Rev. Edmund de Souza


12 March 2017
Part 6
"Every Soul Matters"
Rev. Vincent Goh


19 March 2017
Part 7
"Led By The Spirit"
Rev. Barnabas Chong


26 March 2017
The Church Alive! Part 8
"A Worthless Life"
Rev. Shaun Chong


2 April 2017
The Church Alive! Part 9
"Acts 1 Verse 8 For Today!"
Rev. Vincent Goh



Single Messages

2 July 2017
"Living By Faith"
Rev. Edmund de Souza


9 July 2017
"In The Face Of Opposition"
Rev. Shaun Chong


16 July 2017
"The Prodigal Father" - Script
Rev. Chiang Ming Shun


23 July 2017
Rev. Barnabas Chong


30 July 2017
"Keeping In Step"
Rev. Edmund de Souza


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