Saturday Service

CMC is growing! God has been so faithful and our Sunday services have been filled to the point of overflowing.
It is now time to create new worship opportunities, catering to those who are unable to make it on Sunday mornings.

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1. What will the worship service format be like and what time will it end?
It will be similar to the Sunday 10:30am Contemporary Service and is expected to end by about 6:00pm.

2. Will the sermons be the same as the Sunday Services?
Yes. However it may differ on weekends when we have guest speakers.

3. Will there be a children's programme available at the same time?
Yes. However, it will cater to children between the ages of 5 (K1) and 12 (P6).
If your child is 3 or 4 years old, do continue to come for the children's programme on Sundays.

4. Is there a dialect-language service running at the same time so I can bring my parents and relatives?
Yes. The Hokkien Service will be moving to the same day and time (Saturdays, 4:30pm) next year.

5. Will there be food and beverage before and/or after service?
Yes, there will be food and drinks available BEFORE the service at the Fellowship Deck. So come earlier and have a cuppa with us!

6. Will parking be available at St. Patrick's School?
Yes, you can still park at St. Patrick's School and avoid parking along Telok Kurau Lorong N.

7. Can I still attend the Sunday Services if I commit or serve at the Saturday Service?
Yes, you may and we'd love to have you attend with us on Sunday as well!

8. Can I serve at the Saturday Service?
Definitely yes! Do fill out our Commitment Form to indicate your interest to serve by clicking here. Pick one up at our Info Counter or online at