In line with the decision made by the Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS), our weekly services will continue. We will adhere to the guidelines MOH has in place by taking additional precautionary measures to ensure that we provide the safest environment for all who attend our services. Please take note of the following changes to our weekly services and ministry events.


  1. We exist to worship our heavenly Father.
    Unless a different directive is given by MCS, our Sat 4.30 pm, Sun 8.30 am & 10.30 am services will continue.

  2. Church-Wide Prayer Meeting & Ash Wednesday service will continue.

  3. Do note that photo attendance will be taken to help with proximity contact-tracing when needed.
    Do not be alarmed, just smile and look your best.


The following is not an exercise of fear, but of exercising responsible Faith.

  1. Both IGNITE (Youth) & Mandarin services have been shifted to Sat 4.30 pm to minimise risk contact.
    Parents with youths, we ask for your understanding and support.

  2. Strict opening / closing hours of the Church will be observed during this period.
    Main Gates will only be opened an hour before service time and be closed shortly after.
    The gates will remain opened as follows:

    • Sat 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm
    • Sun 7.30 am to 1.00 pm

Fellowshipping is not encouraged during this outbreak period before / after service; hence no food or beverages will be served.
Please go home immediately.



  1. Ministries involving elderly (Cantonese/Hokkien Services).

  2. Ministries involving children (ChristKidz).

  3. Healing Place and Altar Ministry to be suspended during this period.

  4. Adult Bible Class (ABC) / Disciple / Marriage Preparation Course / Grace Fellowship / Growing Kids God’s Way and all other upcoming courses will be also be suspended till further notice or may be held offsite to lower contact risk.
    This is to protect both the smaller groups and the larger congregation by reducing the risk outbreak exposure in our building.

Again, this is not an exercise of fear but being responsible as best possible within our means.



  1. Non-essential meetings will not be allowed during the week.

  2. Prayer Lounges will not be available for use till further notice.



  1. Minimise Physical Contact

    During the worship services, we will avoid shaking hands. Just smile and pass the peace of God with a greeting to each other.
    Likewise, when the worship service ends, our pastors will greet you at the exits without shaking hands.

  2. Stay Home If Unwell

    If you are feeling unwell with a fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat, runny nose, breathlessness, please seek medical attention promptly and stay home. If you start feeling unwell while at church, please put on a mask immediately and seek medical attention.

  3. Observe Good Personal Hygiene Practices

    Observe good personal hygiene practices.
    Do wash your hands frequently and make use of hand sanitizers which are available around the church, including the entrance to the Sanctuary.

  4. 14 Day Self-Quarantine

    Anyone who has recently returned from China are to refrain from attending church.
    Please observe your health over a 14-day self-quarantine at home starting from the day of arrival in Singapore. Please seek medical attention if needed.
    You should also avoid church if you have been in close contact with someone who is a suspect or confirmed case,
    if you are on Leave of Absence from work, if you are living in the same house as someone on Home Quarantine Orders or Stay Home Notice,
    or been in any of the known local clusters in the last 14 days.

  5. Temperature-Taking

    Temperature check stations will be setup on weekends to screen everyone.
    If you have a temperature that is 37.5 degree Celsius or above, please seek medical attention or stay home to rest as you will not be allowed
    to enter the premises.

  6. Contact Tracing

    Filling up the contact-tracing forms is compulsory for everyone over the weekend.
    All ministries will also need to fill up contact-tracing forms for ALL ministry activity held in the church premises in the week.
    Please use this form:

  7. Collection of Tithes & Offerings

    To minimise contact with traditional offering bags, you may drop your tithes and offerings into a box at the Sanctuary Main Doors before service begins. Offering envelopes are available at the screening stations and outside the Sanctuary if needed.
    You may also give via our electronic modes; details are available here.

  8. Live Streaming of Services

    Our Sat 4.30 pm, Sun 8.30 am & 10.30 am services will be live streamed during this period on our Facebook Group:

  9. Next Steps

    The Church will implement other measures when advised or required to by the relevant government bodies.
    Please refer to the latest updates from the Ministry of Health –

  10. Contact

    For enquiries, please contact our Church Office at 6345 3934 or

Thank you for your support and adherence to this advisory. Let’s work together to keep our congregation members safe and healthy.

Christ Methodist Church, Singapore.