You are not meant to live alone but to live a life together in God's family to better face life's challenges. Get connected by joining a care group or participating in the following ways.

Baptism and Membership

At least twice a year, CMC pastors conduct Connect 101 (Baptism) and Conect 102 (Membership) classes to encourage a good understanding of being Christ's disciple and a member of CMC.

Women's Society of Christian Services (WSCS)

Our ladies meet ever 2nd Saturday of the month. Open to all ages, WSCS organises bible sudies, prayer meetings, talks and workshops, and an annual Christmas fund-raiser. All are welcome!

Glowing Years Ministry (GYM)

Join our senior members (45++ years) for their Wednesday bible class, line dancing, sing-along sessions, health talks, educational tours and their annual Peranakan Christmas party.

Grace Fellowship

This group brings together our foreign workers for worship and Bible study. We meet every Sunday except the first Sunday. Together with our local co-ordinators, we meet to encourage one another in God's love.

Ignite Youth Ministry

Ignite offers a space for young persons (13-21 years) to discover their place in God's Kingdom. Our youths connect in care groups and worship at Sunday Youth Service.