Easter Cardboard Stories

A collection of different testimonies written on cardboard, presented during our Easter Service.


Shaun & Rulin's Story

A testimony of God provided abundantly for their needs as a new family just as baby Elijah arrived on the scene.


Easter Cardboard Testimony 2015

Watch the testimonies of different people in CMC from different walks of life, written on a cardboard!  


Chew Kheang's Testimony

A testimony of Chew Kheang's total trust in God as she battled breast cancer.


Pastor Shaun's Testimony

A testimony of how the love of Christ brought him to choose to serve God as a Pastor.


Dominic's Story

A testimony of how a little girl's story led the way to him finding God.


Johnny's Story

A testimony of how his daughter's persistence in prayer led him to find Christ.


Luke & Patsy's Story

A testimony of how Patsy came to Christ aftering attending Alpha Course with Luke.