About The Neighbour Initiative (TNI)

The Parable of the Good Samaritan reminds us that we should be constantly asking ourselves the question “Whose neighbour am I?” instead of “who is my neighbour?”. If you were the one who did all those things for the man who was robbed – stopping for him, putting him on his own donkey, bandaging his wounds, brought him to an inn and took care of him, what would you say was your motivation behind stopping to help? Pity? Compassion? Our actions of mercy must be fueled by something greater – our love for the Lord and neighbour, and to become more like Him.

As disciples of Christ, we need to catch the heart, posture and attitude behind the acts of kindness and giving. Our discipleship journey is not about doing more, but whether we are growing more into Christlikeness.

TNI is about raising us up – HIS DISCIPLES, for such a time as this, to equip and mobilise us as the hands and feet of our Lord wherever we are. TNI is an exciting journey where we ask the Lord to disciple us and use us for His glory.

Get involved or consider supporting some causes.

Will you prayerfully consider giving and volunteering with these organisations that support the least, the last and the lost in our land. As the people of God, we must stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in need by sharing our resources with them. This list can be found on our CMC app and social media platforms and will be updated regularly as the needs on the ground change. Rally your CGs, families and friends to support these causes & organisations!

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