Everything you do to please God is worship; and we are to worship God 24/7. On Sundays, we come together as His children to worship Him as a family. Please join us at our worship services.

Sunday Worship Services

8.30 am

Traditional Service

8.30 am Cantonese Service
10.30 am Contemporary Service
10.30 am ChristKidz (Children's Church)
10.30 am IGNITE (Youth Service)
10.30 am Grace Fellowship (Domestic Helpers)
2.30 pm Mandarin Service

Saturday Worship Services

4.30 pm

Contemporary Service

4.30 pm Children's Programme
4.30 pm Hokkien Service

Weekday Services

8.00 pm Prayer Meeting (1st Wednesday Monthly)

*Communion is celebrated every 1st weekend of the month.